Wedding dress is one of the most meaningful and remembered parts of your wedding. Here is some steps to think trough before dress shopping:
  • Set the wedding date. For example wedding date can define what kind of dress you are going to wear or what colour. We recommend to wear lighter fabrics and short dresses for the summer wedding . For the winter wedding is better to choose snowwhite dresses and stronger fabrics.
  • Talk to your fiancé and decide what kind of dress you prefer, what style suit he is going to wear and what kind of wedding you would like to have. Agreements helps to find the right dress for you
  • Choose the wedding location (venue). The specific wedding style and venue you choose will reduse your wedding dress options. For example if you are going to have your wedding in the… then you can have a big ballgown to fit the venue. For the beach wedding we recommend to choose lighter fabrics and styles.
  • Set the budget.
  • Pick out the fabric you prefer. Look online and browse through some bridal magazines to find dresses you like. Print out few pictures to take with you when you start shopping.
  • Once you know when and where you are going to wear your wedding dress, what kind of wedding you would like to have and how much you would like to spend, you are ready for the fun part…wedding dress shopping!